Sentrax FHD 1012

ver 1.71
fix problem
blidasat 1012.rar
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ملف اصلاح ATLAS 1012
ملف الاصلاح نفس طريقة تصليح كوندور 6000 كمثال

1. USB upgrade on Start:
Copy the file “7109.bin” to USB disk root directory, press and hold OK button on front panel, same time power on STB till LED to shows”- - - -“, at this time insert the USB flash to STB, start to upgrade automatically, after finish will restart automatically;
LED displays “--ES--” means erasing flash, just wait a moment.
LED displays “PXXX” means writing flash. XXX means digital numbers.

If Step 1 does not work, do Step 2 and then Step 1 again.

2. PC-->STB RS232 upgrade:
Connect PC and STB via crossed RS232, open Serial upgrade tool, open the upgrade file “rom.bin”, click update to start connect, then press and hold the front panel MENU key to start STB, connects automatically and upgrades, after completes the automatic start;
Showing “waiting” in RS232 upgrade tool and “go--” in front panel LED means Step 2 finish.
reparation 1012.rar
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